Mesh Pool Fence Barriers for Seawalls and Boat Docks in Pennsylvania

Make your waterfront home a safe place with a mesh fence from Life Saver Pool Fence.  Drowning is a major issue in this country for young children.  It’s the #1 cause of accidental death for children between ages 1-4, and by installing a simple mesh fence creates a layer of protection that can prevent these accidents.

Protect your children and family today by installing a child safety barrier between your property and the water.

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Benefits for Installing A Life Saver’s Mesh Pool Fence for Seawalls and Boat Docks

  • Reduces the risk of accidental drownings around seawalls and boat docks
  • Provides an additional layer of protection between your property and waterfront
  • Protects your family from falling into the water, which reduces the risk of childhood drowning (the leading cause of accidental death in children between the ages of 1-4)
  • Protects your pets from accidental drownings and prevents them from being able to access the water on their own
  • Provides an additional layer of relaxation and comfort in your home by reducing the risk of accidents on your waterfront
  • Lowers your overall liability as a property owner
  • Provides additional security for your property and home when you go on vacation

Keep your family, guests, and pets safe by installing a Life Saver Mesh Pool Fence for Seawalls and Boat Docks

Give yourself the peace of mind that your backyard is safe from harmful accidents like children falling or drowning.  Life Saver Pool Fence’s seawall mesh safety fence will help protect your home by adding a layer of protection to ensure dogs or children can’t access the water on their own or accidentally fall into the water.  When it’s time to go swimming, you can simply open the fence using the pool gate and provide access to the water area.


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    What Is A Mesh Safety Fence?

    A mesh safety fence from Life Saver Pool Fence provides additional layers of protection you need so that your family, friends, and pets can safely enjoy their time outside in the backyard or swimming pool, without the risk of accidental drowning.

    Protect Your Children and Dogs From Drowning

    Each year there are thousands of drowning accidents that involve pets and children inside the pools or open water.  Dogs and young children have difficulty swimming and pulling themselves out of water or accidents.

    By installing a mesh safety fence for seawalls, boat docks, or water barriers, you can ensure a level of safety and security for your family, friends and pets.  You won’t have to worry about accidents happening like drownings or disturbances.

    Installing Your Mesh Safety Fence

    Safety mesh fences act as a deterrent and prevent unwelcome guests who are walking along or in-and-out of your property.  The Life Saver seawall fence and boat dock fences come with self-closing, self-latching gates that are used with a lock and key.

    The fence sections are easy to install and latch to one another from the inside.  Mesh safety fences are equipped with Perma-latches that make entering the property from outside the fence, boat dock, seawall or waterfront area even more difficult – making it safe from people outside of your fenced area.

    Make Your Boat Docks and Seawalls Safer. Install A Mesh Fence Today!

    Our removable mesh safety fence is the strongest, most affordable way to make your waterfront property safer.  This type of fencing is simple to install and can be removed for off-season months like the winter.  When it is installed, the removable seawall mesh fence reduces the risk of accidents and potential death for your family, friends, and pets.

    Seawalls and Boat Docks Mesh Fence Installation Process

    1. Phone consult and presentation (rough price idea is provided)
    2. Our team will visit and measure your backyard and swimming pool length
    3. After measuring and estimating the size requirements, our team will provide you with a professional estimate and plan to install a safety pool fence

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