Pool Domes – An Affordable Way to Swim Year Round in Your Own Backyard!

We Install Removable, Inflatable Pool Domes Nationwide

For more than 14 years, we have specialized in enclosing residential, commercial, and community swimming pools. Pool domes allows families and friends the greatest use of their pools.

These rugged vinyl inflatable pool domes are designed to withstand the harshest of winters and can endure temperatures as low as -40 degrees F. They are available in 3 standard colors (blue, white, and tan) and 17 designer colors (black, dark gray, light gray, brown, purple, lavender, navy blue, royal blue, aqua, light green, forest green, avocado, yellow, orange, red, and burgundy). The Aquaflex pool dome can blend into almost any backyard combination.

For either residential or commercial use, now there is no need to close your pool after only 4 or 5 months of swimming. You can extend your swimming season well into the winter or even continue swimming year round with this affordable dome.

How The Pool Dome Is Installed

The Anchoring System:

pool domes Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaThe Superspan dome by Aquaflex uses a cable tie-down anchoring system that is engineered to provide the strength of a permanent installation while making it easy to remove the dome when the cold weather ends. This system does not have the added bulk, weight, and inconvenience of a waterbag. Ask anyone who has struggled with a waterbag system when it’s time to store the dome and you’ll know what we mean.

The cable at the heart of the system is enclosed in a double-thick hem at the base of the sidewall. The continuous steel cable has been joined at the ends and is coated in plastic to prevent rust and corrosion. The cable attaches to the anchors that are placed in your concrete deck every 18″-24″. The anchors are 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ zinc coated steel. They are a “drop in” anchor that are seated by tapping them in with a special tool provided with each installation. The 3/8″ open turned eyebolts, also zinc coated steel, are screwed into the anchors. After the season is over the eyebolts are removed and replaced with stainless steel inserts that will keep debris out of the anchor holes over the summer.

Air is kept in the dome by the use of an air skirt that’s attached to the cable hem at the base of the wall. The air skirt lies on the deck and forms a very effective air trap in even the worst of weather.

The Blower:

The Superspan dome is supported entirely by air. The small pressure difference between inside and outside air that reliably supports the Superspan dome is supplied and maintained by an inflation system. Each blower is controlled by a Triac type solid state variable speed AC motor control. This type is used to prolong the life of the blower unit. The housing is made of a durable fiberglass. The air intakes feature washable filter units.

A PVC hood is also provided to keep yard debris from collecting on top of the blower.

Upon installation of the dome, the blower is placed underneath the sidewall of the dome, with the sidewall resting upon the saddle in the blower. The blower can be placed wherever it is convenient, but will be easiest when placed in the middle of a corner of the dome. The blower is powered by a regular household 115V circuit. Full load amperage on one blower is 4.2. Aquaflex requires that the blower be plugged into a GFI circuit for safety. The blower motor is rated at 1/4 HP. It is recommended that domes greater than 2000 square feet in area have two blowers. This is especially helpful for rapid initial inflation and resistance to high winds. Two blowers are mandatory for domes larger than 2200 square feet.

The blower comes with a three year manufacturer warranty.

Entering The Dome:

Aquaflex offers two options for entry to the Superspan dome. Zipper or revolving door can be used. They can be located anywhere on the dome except directly on a corner. We recommend a minimum of four feet from a corner.

For most applications, the zippered entry is the easiest, least expensive option. It works just like a regular zipper with the zipper tab at the top pulled down to open the zipper, and then closing it after you’ve passed through. There’s no need to hurry through, the zipper could even be left open without causing a deflation problem. Any number of zippered entries can be placed in the dome. Zippers that wear out are easily replaced by snapping a new zipper into the zipper panel.

A special ‘L-shaped’ zipper entry is available for easier access for the handicapped or for bring large items in and out of the dome.

The revolving door is ideal for domes with a great deal of traffic in and out of the dome. Fitness centers, country clubs, and motels should use the revolving door. This door is not the department store type you may be familiar with but instead consists of a rotating inner cylinder with one opening and a stationary outer cylinder with two openings. Cylinder diameter on it is 40″ with an opening of 24″ and height of 80″. Rotating the inner cylinder allows access to the dome with no air loss. It is mounted to the deck for stability and is attached to the dome with a shroud that acts as a buffer between the unit and dome. Also available is a larger revolving door unit which is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Cylinder diameter on it is 48″ with an opening of 32″ and height of 80″.

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