Installing Pool Covers in New Jersey

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What To Know When Installing A Winter Pool Cover In New Jersey

A winter pool cover is a large solid or mesh safety cover that covers your home’s swimming pool during off-season months in New Jersey, or whenever you want to cover your pool in-season. It rests on top of the water (secured by anchors) in the winter time to create a barrier to debris and particle build up in your pool. It both helps your pool stay clean and keep unwanted critters, animals and people off your pool. A pool fence is always recommended as an additional barrier for safety. In New Jersey, pool season ends between September and October and pool season will re-open in the Spring (usually April/May).

Winter season covers are relatively simple to install and can be very affordable for any homeowner. When selecting a New Jersey pool cover, we stand behind Loop Loc pool covers, as it is the strongest pool safety cover manufacturer in the industry and the covers have longevity, which means better value for you!

Best Defense Pool Enclosures is your authorized local pool cover dealer/ installer for Loop-Loc.  As local NJ pool cover installers, we will determine the exact specs you need for your particular pool. Pool cover dimensions can be determined using a measurement of your pool by one of our professionals and sometimes a rough estimate can be created with the help of Google Earth. Real measurements are the best method.

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    The Benefits of Pool Covers

    Installing a pool cover for your home’s swimming pool will help keep dirt and particles out of the pool while minimizing operational costs and wear-and-tear on your pool filtering systems.  And while there’s no replacement for correct supervision, your pool can be safeguarded even when you’re not around with a pool cover.  Young children or pets can’t fall into the pool and face the danger of drowning and other potential accidents.

    Besides being a source of saving energy by protecting the pool and keeping it safe while “off”, pool covers do the following:

    • Conserves water by decreasing the quantity of water required to fill it back up by 30%-50%
    • Decreases the pool’s chemical intake by 35%-60%
    • Lowers cleaning time by keeping dirt and other debris out of the pool.
    • Learn more about the benefits of pool covers here.

    Ready To Install Your Pool Cover In New Jersey?

    Best Defense Pool Enclosures installs both solid and mesh pool covers (new or replacement) for nearly any type of pool on practically any surface! In the Northeast, you will be closing your pool in the September to November timeframe, however the optimal time to install your pool cover is August.

    With nearly 20 years of experience, we guarantee that your safety cover will do its job all Winter long!  Our pool covers are backed by a 15-year warranty.

    Mesh and Solid Safety Pool Covers

    Mesh safety covers are a good option for the winter season given that debris will blow off the top of the cover and the tiny mesh panels will permit any rain or snow to drain right into the pool. This makes it a good choice for homeowners with pets and/or young children because rainfall will not gather on top of the cover.

    Solid pool covers are also a good option as they completely block all sunlight from entering your pool. However, they do require more work to take off and maintain. When you call, we can walk you through the pros and cons of each choice.

    Whether you require a normal pool cover or a custom-made cover made for your home’s swimming pool, connect with our Owner Vince now to get an estimate!

    Best Defense Pool Enclosures is an authorized pool cover dealer/ installer for Loop-Loc Pool Covers. We proudly all of South New Jersey, including the following counties and areas:

    • Atlantic County, NJ
    • Burlington County, NJ
    • Cape May County, NJ
    • Camden County, NJ
    • Cumberland, NJ
    • Gloucester County, NJ
    • Salem, NJ
    • Mercer County, NJ
    • Ocean County, NJ

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    As we established, installing a pool cover in New Jersey is a smart way to protect your family and keep them safe, as well as protect your pool. Loop-Loc swimming pool covers are designed with high quality materials and craftsmanship and simple to connect to any pool’s deck.  Loop-Loc’s exclusive Computer Aided Design assures a best, custom suitable for any shape or size pool.

    A Loop-Loc swimming pool cover always stays tight on your pool and protects the pool throughout the off-season months. To get started, contact us to learn more about our pool cover installation services and the catalog of pool covers we have that will keep your pool safe, protective, and strong enough to support an elephant!

    FAQs for Swimming Pool Covers

    How Fast To Get My Pool Cover Installed?

    You can get a pool cover quite rapidly from us. Generally, it will take an estimated 14 days from start to finish after estimating/providing a quote. Many times, it can be installed faster.

    What Are the Benefits of a Mesh Pool Cover?

    Mesh winter season pool covers are very secure since rain passes through them.  There won’t be any pockets of rain that accumulate and weigh down on the pool cover. Water will not have to be pumped off. They are also lighter, making them much easier to move than solid covers. They likewise need extremely little upkeep throughout the Winter and in the summer can be stored easily. Still, both types have their benefits.

    I Have An Above Ground Pool.  Do You Install Pool Covers For Above Ground Pools?

    As long as there is a wood deck around the entire swimming pool, we can easily install a pool cover for above ground pools!