Life Saver Pool Fence FAQs

Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. has been protecting swimming pools for over 30 years by offering the strongest and safest pool fencing. You will receive a professional service and 100 year warranty for the pool fence by using Life Saver!

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What is the cost of a pool safety fence?

The cost of installing a Life Saver Pool Fence depends on the fence’s height, color, brand, and any upgrades or accessories you want to buy. When we arrive for your free estimate, we will discuss a more accurate pricing for your mesh fence installation.

How safe is a Life Saver mesh pool fencing?

Life Saver has been manufacturing and installing safety pool fences for over 30 years.  We make our safety fence with strong industrial mesh, patented pool fence poles, and a 100 year warranty for all customers. Life Saver Pool Fence has been proven to save lives.

Can my child climb over the pool fence?

The mesh fabric used in our safety pool fence is strong and extremely climb-resistant.  With the Life Saver pool safety fence, you don’t need to worry about your small child climbing over the fence like they may be able to with other forms of fencing.

How long will my fence last?

We make our mesh pool fence with high-quality materials that are strong and durable.  Each safety swimming pool fence will last the lifetime of your backyard.

Why should I install a self-closing, self-locking gate?

Self-closing, self-latching pool gates provide better protection for your pool fence and are automatic to ensure young children or pets are protected from areas they don’t belong.  They increase your swimming pool’s safety and in some states are legally required.

How sturdy is the fence?

Our Life Saver pool fences are very sturdy and strong. We use strong industrial mesh and frequently test to ensure we have the strongest removable pool fence poles in the market.

Is this fence going to meet code?

Although we do, on occasion, install this fence to meet local fencing code, most adults get this fence as a safety device to protect their children or grandchildren from the natural hazards of the swimming pool. Not for code. Codes can vary from township to township. Sometimes from inspector to inspector.  If meeting code is an issue for you, we can provide you with the necessary specifications that you can present to your local authorities for their approval.

Is this a good fence for my dog?

Although removable safety pool fences are not made for dogs, we do, in fact, install many fences for dogs. However, it’s not warrantied for damage by pets. We always tell our customers about dogs, the same thing we tell them about small children. You should never leave anything in the pool area that could attract a dog (or a child). This is a very strong and durable fence, however a determined dog can – given enough time – claw their way through it.

Can I have the fence installed around a pool that has grass or cement?

With the Life Saver pool fence, we can install into nearly every surface including grass, cement, sand, dirt, and more!

Do you offer a warranty on the fence?

Every customer of ours receives a Limited 100 Year Warranty on all of our Life Saver pool fences and gates.

Where are your fences built?

Our pool safety fences are built in the United States and are guaranteed to exceed the highest quality construction and safety standards.

I want a white fence because I want to be able to see through it.

This is a common misconception. The fact is that the darker colored fences are the most transparent. This is because sunlight reflects off lighter colors making it harder to see through, whereas sunlight is absorbed by darker colors, giving them more transparency. Consider the screens in your home’s windows. They are dark, not light. Dark screens – like dark mesh – are easier to see through.

What can I expect on the day of installation?

Call for your FREE mesh pool fence estimate and one of our specialized installers will come to your home to measure your pool and determine the best setup for your new safety pool fence.  We are also able to do the estimation over the phone or virtually using Google Maps.

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