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At Best Defense Pool Enclosures, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your small children around the pool because we have young loved ones as well. Our mission is to provide parents with the top-of-the-line mesh pool fence in Feasterville, PA that offers full protection against drowning accidents.

As a leading installer of the best pool safety fence in Feasterville, PA, we are dedicated to creating a safe environment that isolates children physically from the pool.

Pool safety is a major concern, and the statistics show the importance of installing a physical barrier. In Pennsylvania alone, there have been 0.81 for every 100,000 residents. There are an estimated 334,000 swimming pools in our state and 894 housing units in Feasterville. These statistics prove that installing a child pool safety fence is necessary.

Drowning Facts

77 Percent of drowning accidents occur less than five minutes after a child is missing. In addition, 69 Percent of all child drownings occur at age 4 and younger during non-swim times.

Pool Safety Regulations in Feasterville, PA

In Feasterville and throughout Pennsylvania, all residential pools must have a pool fence that’s 4 feet tall. The fence should also be latchable or lockable.

What does a Life Saver Pool Fence do exactly? And, why does every pool owner need one? A pool fence from Life Saver acts as an effective physical barrier, making it unclimbable for children and serving as the final layer of protection when all other safety measures, including adult supervision, is not available. It creates a secure boundary around the pool, ensuring that access is restricted and reducing the risk of drowning incidents among small children.


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    Pool safety is not a matter to be taken lightly. Drowning is a significant problem that requires our attention and prevention. As parents, we understand the responsibility of keeping our children safe and installing a pool fence is a crucial step towards achieving that goal.

    We are here to assist you in safeguarding your children and your guests’ young children. Our mesh pool fences are known for their exceptional quality and unique features that set them far apart from pool fences in the industry. Here is what sets us apart:

    Unbreakable Strength: Our pool fences feature a patented triple reinforced solid core pole, making them the strongest in the market.

    Durability and Aesthetics: The professionally powder-coated aerospace-grade aluminum poles and Textilene® high mil mesh ensure longevity and an attractive appearance.

    Unmatched Visibility: The woven basket weave of our mesh, coupled with its high tensile strength of over 387 pounds per square inch, provides excellent visibility while remaining unclimbable. It’s impossible for children and pets to climb!

    Superior Stability: Our pool fences come with quad-stitched reinforced vinyl borders and tension-based supports, ensuring stability and security.

    Customization Options: With multiple height choices and a wide selection of colors, including Black mesh, you can personalize your pool fence to suit your preferences.

    With a Life Saver Pool Fence, you can trust that our pool fence is backed by a 100 year warranty. We stand behind the quality and durability of every part of our fence, ensuring that it remains a reliable safeguard for your family.

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    Life Saver Pool Fence: Keeping little feet on solid grounds for over 30 years.

    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    Our pool fences are removable and very easy to use. Installing a Life Saver Pool Fence saves lives and it also enhances the appearance of your property by increasing curb appeal.

    • Unmatched Safety and Convenience
    • Easy-to-Use and Removable: A Fence Designed for Busy Parents
    • The Strongest in the Industry: Unbreakable Protection for Your Loved Ones
    • Enhanced Durability: Aerospace-Grade Aluminum and Textilene Mesh
    • Unparalleled Strength: 387 Pounds per Square Inch Tensile Rating
    • Reinforced Vinyl Borders and Tension-Based Supports: Stability at Its Best
    • Aesthetically Pleasing Options: Multiple Heights and Popular Color Choices
    • Self-Latching and Self-Closing Gates: Easy Access, Maximum Security
    • Rounded Edges and No Sharp Components: Safety First for Your Family
    • Simple Installation Process: Aluminum or Plastic Sleeves on Your Deck
    • Versatile and Removable: Convenience for Every Season
    • 100 Year Warranty: Our Commitment to Long-Lasting Quality
    • Made in the USA: Supporting Local Manufacturing
    • UV Resistant and Proven Performance: Withstanding the Elements
    • Trained Pelham, AL Pool Fence Installers: Expertise You Can Trust
    • Suitable for All Pool Types: Versatility for In-Ground Pools and More
    • Mesh Safety Fences for Various Areas: Adapting to Your Backyard Needs
    • Accessories: Enhancing Functionality and Style

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    Self-Closing, Self-Latching Pool Gates in Feasterville, PA

    Every pool fence needs a reliable pool gate to provide easy access for adults while keeping small children out of the pool area safely. We offer two types of gates: the Arched Top and Square styles to complement your home.

    Our mesh pool gates are expertly designed with the highest quality mesh and it’s – more importantly – unclimbable. So, your young children or pets cannot climb over – it’s impossible. 

    Pool gates are an essential part of your pool fence system because it eliminates any potentially unsafe access point.

    Mesh Pet Fence in Feasterville, PA

    Our mesh pet fences serve multiple purposes – they safeguard against accidental pool falls and can establish a designated outdoor space for your dogs. Additionally, you can use our pet pool fence to divide sections within your home, like the garage, ensuring your pets stay where you want them. Additionally, you can set up a dog run for your pets to play and out of harm’s way – the pool area.

    Guaranteed 100 Year Warranty

    Our 100 Year Warranty is comprehensive. For as long as you own the fence, you’ll be covered by our warranty. This warranty is a promise that if anything goes wrong with your pool fence due to defects in materials or workmanship, we’ll fix or replace it for you. It’s a way for us to show that we stand by the quality of our pool fencing products, so you have a reliable and safe pool fence for many years to come.

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