Pool Fence Installations in Atlantic County, NJ

Do you live in Atlantic County, NJ and need a pool fence? Best Defense Pool Enclosures only installs the safest and strongest mesh pool fences in the industry to help families protect their children and even pets from the dangers of an unprotected pool.

Homeowners with pools must follow New Jersey state regulations for residential swimming pools as well as local township requirements for their backyards. It is important that homeowners check with their local townships for any additional pool barrier regulations they must adhere to.

Generally, residential pools in the state of New Jersey must be enclosed by a fence that is at least five feet tall, as measured on the side farthest from the swimming pool. Any openings in the wall, fence, or barrier must not allow a spherical object four inches in diameter to pass through. Additionally, the pool fencing must not have any openings, handholds, or footholds accessible from the exterior side of the enclosure than can be used to climb the structure; and it must be at least 20 inches from the edge of the water. The pool gate must open outward from the swimming pool and be self-closing and self-latching.  In addition, the gate must either be secured by a padlock or similar device which requires a key, electric opener, or integral combination, or have its latch located a minimum of 54 inches above the ground.

While it’s important that you consult your local county office to confirm the pool barrier requirements specific to your area, you can rest assured that a Life Saver removable mesh pool safety fence will meet the majority of pool safety requirements throughout New Jersey and Atlantic County.

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    Protect Your Family From Accidental Drownings with A Life Saver Pool Fence

    Pool safety is one of the most important things to consider as both a homeowner and a parent if you have a pool in your backyard. As a parent, grandparent, or guardian you need to be aware of the potential dangers an unprotected pool poses for little ones especially one without a pool barrier.

    In fact, without a pool fence, your pool is more dangerous to your children than a loaded gun.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately one in five people who die from drownings are children under the age of 14. Drowning is a very real and very dangerous issue that cannot be ignored. Don’t put your family at unnecessary risk by not having a child safety pool fence installed.

    In addition to a pool safety fence, other important pool safety measures you should implement in your home include:

    • Implementing door and door alarms that have audible alarms
    • Installing a pool safety cover
    • Water safety training
    • Swimming lessons for children as soon as they are old enough
    • CPR training for all adults
    • Constant supervision when children are in the water

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    The Benefits of A Life Saver Pool Fence

    At Best Defense Pool Enclosures, we understand the importance of having a pool fence installed in your home quickly and efficiently. Our primary goal is to help keep families throughout New Jersey safe from harm, which is why you can be confident in your choice of having a Life Saver Pool Fence safety barrier installed in your home.

    The mesh used by Life Saver is the safest and strongest mesh available on the market, and the patented pool fence poles we use in all of our fences are the strongest available and won’t shatter even if they are directly hit. Combined, this makes our pool fences the strongest, and most durable fence you can purchase to protect your family from the dangers of accidental drowning.  Our mesh fences are even strong enough to withstand harsh, cold New Jersey winters!

    Life Saver removable mesh pool fences are also backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, our promise to all of our customers is that your pool fencing will only be installed by the best and most highly trained installers. Every year we send our installers to training and safety seminars to ensure they are familiar with our products, updated installation techniques, and new product upgrades making them the most able and competent installers in New Jersey.

    You Can Customize Your Pool Fence

    While in the past, pool barriers weren’t the most attractive addition to your backyard, now with the Life Saver pool fence, you will have both the safest fence available as well as the one of the best looking fences without having to compromise on safety at all. Both the mesh and poles we offer can be customized to match your yard’s aesthetic and the mesh is nearly transparent making it easy to see the water. With this type of mesh, you can keep an eye on your family while they are swimming. Our mesh and poles are available in a variety of color combinations that can be customized to your preferences. Choose from black, white, tan, green or brown fences.

    The Life Saver Pool Fence Installation Process in Atlantic County, NJ

     If you are interested in having a pool fence installed in your backyard, the first thing you need to do is to contact us in order to receive your free, in-home estimate. If for some reason you can’t have our installers come to your home, we can often conduct your estimate virtually using Google Earth.

    After you call us, one of our pool fence installers will come to your home, and measure the area you want the fence to be installed. We’ll take measurements and discuss your options regarding height, color and upgrades. Next, we’ll send you an estimate containing everything that was discussed and once you’re satisfied, we’ll schedule an installation date. Pool fence installations in Atlantic City only takes a few hours so you’ll be able to enjoy your fence safety in no time at all!

    Areas We Serve

    Best Defense Pool Enclosures serve the following towns in Atlantic County, New Jersey: Absecon, Atlantic City, Brigantine, Buena, Buena Vista Township, Corbin City, Egg Harbor City, Egg Harbor Township, Elwood, Estell Manor, Folsom, Galloway, Hamilton Township, Hammonton, Linwood, Longport, Margate City, Northfield, Pleasantville, Port Republic, Somers Point and Ventnor City.

    Quick Facts About Atlantic County, New Jersey

    The 2018 census estimated that the population of Atlantic County was 274,549. It is home to landmarks and sights like Atlantic City, Atlantic City Convention Center, Steel Pier, Atlantic City Boardwalk, Storybrook Land, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Atlantic City Aquarium, Historic Gardner’s Basin, Historic Smithville, Brigantine Beach, Great Egg Harbor River, Batsto Village, The Water Club, Wharton State Forest, Estell Manor Park, Central Pier Arcade, and the World War I Museum.

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